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COMSASH™  COMDOOR™  COMwall™  COMlite™ COMSASH™ windows C-35, C-39, C-50 and S-60 were specially developed by Alcom to provide effective weather-protection where standard systems fail. Typical problems associated with standard non-performance systems are excessive structural deformation, whistling or howling noises due to air leakage, rattling and water leakage. These problems become more pronounced and problematic for high rise and less sheltered buildings such as those along beach fronts and hill slopes. COMSASH™ windows are designed to relieve the architect, developer and building owner of these problems while offering great versatility and numerous design combinations.

COMDOOR™ is an effective answer to modern day high performance needs. Once again, the building industry’s worries about rattling, whistling and howling, draught, water leakage and structural deformation are taken care of. For high rise buildings and upmarket developments where owners are looking for quality and performance, few products can match COMSASH™ and COMDOOR™ high performance systems in both functional and aesthetic terms.

Similar technical details are also available on the full range of other architectural products including COMWALL™ Curtain Wall, COMLITE™ Skylights, Heavy Duty Folding Door, Heavy Duty Swing Door, Euro-style Sliding Window & Door, cladding sheets, building sheets, plantation oil palm harvesting products, hardware & accessories for architectural & engineering applications etc.

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