Yoong Jian, Yoong Hung Aluminium Sdn Bhd

ComSASH™ C-35A

Top Hung / Side Hung Window, For Medium And High Rise Building


Outer frame

  • Standard, 35mm depth for common height window
  • Optional, 60mm or 85mm depth for tall window

Inner Frame

  • Standard, 29mm depth


  • Optional inner frame section featured with ‘ ‘ groove for enhanced aesthetic
  • Optional lattice bars for incorporating grid pattern in the window pane
  • Featured to readily couple with Comsash S-60 to form integral window unit comprising fixed lite, top hung & side hung lite and sliding lite.


  • The outdoor face of the openable inner frame flushes with the outer frame. This reduces the probability of rain water penetrating the overlapping opening joint between the head rail of the inner frame and outer frame, a common occurrence in conventional top hung and side hung window
  • Built in rebate on the opposite inner frame section facilitates the head rail of the inner frame to trap ingressed rain water if any and drain them sideways and downwards to the window sill


Wind Loading

  • Exceeded moderate rating of MS 832 (at test pressure of 1200Pa, deflection of framing members were within the limit of span/125 )

Air Infiltration

  • Complied with severe rating of MS 832 (at test pressure of 200Pa, air leakage was 0.2m3/hr.m length of opening joint)

Water tightness

  • Complied with severe rating of MS 832 (up to test pressure of 300Pa, free from leakage)

* Note: Test data available upon request.