ComSASH™ C-50

Top Hung / Side Hung / Pivoted Window, For Medium And High Rise Building


Outer frame

  • Standard, 50mm depth for window of normal height
  • Optional, 80mm or 100mm depth for tall window

Inner Frame

  • Standard, 50mm depth


  • Adaptor to be fitted on outer frame to accommodate openable pivoted inner frame
  • Optional glazing bead to accommodate insulated glass unit (double glazed glass unit)


  • Optional perimeter sub-frame to accommodate large building movement


Wind Loading

  • Exceeded severe (a) rating of MS 832 (at test pressure of 1670Pa ( 35 lb/ft2 ), deflection of framing members were within the limit of span/125 )

Air Infiltration

  • Exceeded severe rating of MS 832 (at test pressure of 300Pa, air leakage was 2.1m3/hr.m length of opening joint)

Water tightness

  • Complied with severe rating of MS 832 (Up to test pressure of 300Pa, free from leakage)

* Note: Test data available upon request.