Comdoor™ 2

Performance Sliding Door For High Rise Building


Outer frame

  • Standard, 81.4mm depth and 123.9 (combination of two sections) depth for two rail track and three rail track respectively
  • Optional, 86mm depth and 129mm depth for two rail track and three rail track respectively. This option offers the flexibility that all panels are slidable but at the expense of lower performance in air and water tightness

Interlock Stile

  • Standard, 45mm width x 40mm depth for normal height door
  • Optional, 45mm width x 65mm depth for taller door or door with wider panel

Butting Stile

  • Standard, 70mm width x 32mm depth male component section and 83.8mm width x 76mm depth female component section for all door


  • Continuous weather seal on all opening joints, thus entering an effective barrier against ingress of air, water and sound, much more superior to the conventional sliding door
  • Improvement made to even out the opening gaps between the sliding panel and top & bottom track reduces the friction between the weatherseal and the sliding panel hence enhancing the ease of sliding the panel
  • The door system is featured to resist the more severe wind pressure and driving rain encountered in high rise building


Wind Loading

  • Exceeded severe rating of MS 1017:Part 1 (at test pressure of 1200Pa, deflection of framing members were within the limit of span/175)

Air Infiltration

  • Complied with severe rating of MS1017:Part 1 (at test pressure of 200Pa, air leakage was 6.47m3/hr.m length of opening joint)

Water tightness

  • Exceeded moderate rating of MS 1017: Part 1 (Up to test pressure of 250Pa, free from leakage)

* Note: Test data available upon request.